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Did it be a mistake.

Learning belly dance using online resources such as video ...
The answer is a yes. Shakira didn’t make a mistake after all: she chose a perfect pose — by simply following a popular pattern in dance. It was based on a very popular dance by her dance teacher, a man named David. “When I first got hired for ‘Believe,’ he taught you a very common pattern (shakira belly dance). The ‘Believe’ choreographers have just never been able to make it work, and so I’m like, ‘You guys, I’m going to do this — I’m going to do that!’ This happened, for two weeks. And then I did that same belly dance for ‘Ayo,” says Shakira.

This time, the pattern took hold with David: they were dancing around the room at the same time because of the “lobster dance,” as David calls it (shakira uses a similar term to describe it). Their choreographer, Paul Maslen, noticed their connection quickly, and when they came out, it was a hit. So this time they kept it up. For “Ayo,” which opened in Los Angeles, Shakira changed the style.

To start, she used two moves, one for each part of her belly — an open back, a backside, and a side. (The backside is a good time to play up the waistband and the chest.) To keep the dance fresh, the dancers didn’t use full-body costumes: they wore a red jumpsuit for the back and black skirts for the sides. This time she also kept the body language, the way one is supposed to move during a side-to-side dance — in the front, forward, back. The dance was a lot faster, and it gave the dancers more of their own energy: their shoulders were down and their hips were in the air. At the end, she did an out-of-body movement where she took off — then went back to the dancers and began to dance. But there’s no wrong way to do this: Shakira was clearly getting a kick out of it.

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