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Life coaching has always been very accessible online, especially now with the internet. When I did my first coaching course, which covered 1-2 months of training, it was free. That’s why I’ve always encouraged the people of the sport to make their own career.

Can you offer a detailed explanation on what the term “lifestyle” means for the sports? Because I’ve read that the term lifestyle can be pretty vague in some areas. What are some of the criteria that you’d recommend for the person who does self-study and training, or is still a student, but is interested in working with the coach?

For me, I like to focus on the things that have the power to influence the person’s life after training and not the things that are going to take years to get used to. If it’s not worth the effort, go back to doing what you were doing before.

What would you say is the general purpose of the online coach platform?

I’m not a huge fan of all coaching platforms but I have to admit that this one’s a definite winner because of its affordability, ease of use and it’s simplicity to become a life coach. It’s got a great collection of courses that are a good starting point. I’m a big fan of all of the resources online now and I’m eager to see how they change the landscape of the coaching industry that we’re currently in.

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