How do I become a life coach without certification? – Does A Life Coach Need A Business License

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If you are interested in becoming a life coach without certification, then this may well be the right course for you. The courses are taught under the sponsorship and supervision of a licensed life coach. You are going to develop your own unique body of knowledge to teach, develop skills you may not be able to teach yourself and develop your skills in other areas of your life.

Why should you enroll in This course?

We at PivotPoint Training have conducted hundreds of courses, over 800,000 hours of video, and over $300 million worth of feedback to help our students build life coaching skills. Now, with The Life Coach Program, we will give you the full-time experience to develop the foundation of a life coach’s career. With only a $50 investment from your pocket, you are getting to take the first step you have been waiting years for.

What will my course cover?

You will learn the fundamentals of training yourself to coach others. You will get an overview of a variety of coaching styles, you will learn effective exercises that work for different body types (i.e. bodybuilding, martial arts, ballet, and more), you will begin to develop your coaching strategies, and eventually, you will become a trusted mentor to your peers. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of coaches develop their skills and gain thousands of hours of coaching experience. Whether you find yourself struggling, or have decades of coaching experience under your belt, we will teach you the steps you need to take to make yourself more prepared for the next step.

Why would I choose Life Coach Program over other life coaching programs?

The Life Coach Program provides you access to a complete curriculum that has been successfully tested and proven to deliver significant value across several skill areas. You have full access to online videos, audio and video tutorials, the courses’ full curriculum and you always have the option of continuing to grow your skills.

Can I work with clients while doing the courses?

Yes. You will work with real clients and gain life coaching experience in ways that are beyond your wildest dreams. For example, you could work with an adult client who is considering entering the military and the process of getting your certification. If a client is considering investing in a home and wants to find a licensed and experienced life coach for the final review of the purchase, your involvement could range from helping them understand the steps needed to complete the home purchase process (how to determine a good match, the differences between contractors and builders

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