How do I promote my life coaching business? – Life Coaching Business Plan Template

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If you’re a self-help entrepreneur and you don’t have a sales team or marketing department or marketing consultant, or you didn’t get into that niche by yourself, then it would be hard to get enough free articles to support a full-time business. If you’re just starting out, you might find that publishing something free every month really pays off. In addition to free articles, there are other ways to generate revenue:

You can post on sites such as Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn.

You could start or join groups such as LifeHacks, LifeHackers, Inspiring, or even YourFirstLifeHacking.

Another way you can get money from people who are interested in your life coaching is by writing articles that can be shared with them. This works for both personal and professional success. Let’s look at some examples.

Personal Success Guide with Sales:

I’ve got 10 personal success guides that I write. Here’s some money made from some of these guide books:

My first 10 books didn’t sell very well. I was getting a few sales every other month, but none at all from these books. My second book is my only personal success books to date.

Sales from these books didn’t help at all, and in fact, made my writing more difficult and I needed to hire someone to handle all the new writing.

Writing these personal success books required much more time and effort, and cost more. Even though my life coaching sales didn’t make any real money, the time and effort I put into the business was rewarded!

Pro Tip: You can get free trial versions of my online tools through my referral link in your sidebar, or just click here for all of the tools. I don’t sell them at all, but the tools let you see how well they work (and sometimes you can sell more than one). As a last point, I offer free trial versions of my marketing tools for both personal and professional success.

Pro Tip: Some life coaching books provide discounts with the purchase price, but usually no more than 10% (most are no more than 5%). I’ve worked and even had free trial versions of my marketing tools that worked perfectly and were always at least 20% off! You can see the pricing for my email marketing tools on the main page of my site, and I have a free trial option for all of my marketing tools that I don’t sell

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