How many clients does a life coach have? – Life And Business Coach Salary

Answer a simple Question – “How many clients does a life coach have?”

This can be as simple as:

“My life coach has had 10 clients in the last year! How many clients does this person have? ”

Or it can take more complex examples such as:

How many people are there living in this house?

How many men and women in this organization?

How many houses on the block are there?

Here are two ways to calculate the total number of clients that a life coach has:
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One way: Take all the clients who a coach has and look for the total number of clients in their first 3 years of coaching. If this total is less than 10 and not any more than 25 people, they are no longer a life coach.

It is important to be as accurate as possible about how many people a coach has, because some life coaches only manage a small number of clients. They may have “only” five to ten clients per year, but may have no clients in their 1st year of working with your client.

Another way to measure a coach’s number of clients is to do some math on a small group of people, such as only 10 clients or 3 people. Then estimate the total number of clients a coach has for the group.

Step #3: Find the most common number of clients a coach has

How many clients do you do every year? Find the common number of clients a coach will have. If you do multiple years of coaching, that can be done by doing the calculations again on each year. Or simply simply count all the clients a coach has and multiply it by a fraction.

Example: Say you start a life coaching business with a budget of $10,000 per year. To find out how many clients you have, use the formula below: $10,000 x (0.00075 x 0.0002). For example, if you have the following budget:

-$10,000 x 0.0002 for expenses

– $10,000 x ($0.00075 x 0.00025)

– $10,000 x (0.00065)

– $10,000 x (0.00020)

– $10,000 x (0.00015)


$10,000 x 0.00075 x 0.0002 = $5,000 clients.

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