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Not just that, but they fail because the coach is also on a salary that is much too high. There is absolutely no excuse for it. There are plenty of other coaches that do not do their job in any real way. The coach is not a part of the organization. I will give you another example: I have seen how you could get a head coach in an NHL franchise of about a million dollars or more who could not get through one practice because he was too busy preparing a game. That is not acceptable. That is a situation where the head coach and the team owner have to own the coaching staff. That is a different ball game.
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Some coaches may be too soft on players or too aggressive. If we go to the NHL today, you would have the most expensive coaches in the league and they would come from the NHL teams because they are paying very high salaries.

To do it any other way would be wrong and would be cheating the player. That is the only way. If the coach is not being too aggressive, but he is giving very tough training sessions that are not the best, then I would say that the players would like that.

When you do have a coach like that in an organization like the Philadelphia Flyers, we just signed Claude Giroux and he didn’t mind what the coaches say. You have players that want to be on the field, so to speak, and the coaches are not talking too much to them until they get on the ice. They understand not to talk too much to their opponents unless they know what is going to happen.

The other coaches that are around today, the ones that are making a lot of money, they have been talking too much. They are talking too much about games and that is the difference with the NHL today.

The NHL is a great league and it is a great league because the players all want to be on the ice and players know that. The fact they can make $4 million plus a lot of money is something we can’t take away to the players. The players are very important.

This is going to be a very, very good league for you.

But here is it: When I was in the NHL, coaches did not have a lot of power. They were not the head coach and a general manager. This is the first time in the history of the NHL that a team has a general manager and a coach.

When I joined the Buffalo Sabres, I didn’t have a lot

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