Who is the best life coach in the world? – Business Names For Life Coaching

Here’s our list of 12. If you need to know who is our first choice, look no further.

1. Gary Vaynerchuk – Life Coach

Gary Vaynerchuk is perhaps the most respected and well respected life coach in the world.

From his first coaching gig at the age of 26, to helping the University of Connecticut students achieve financial independence, Vaynerchuk has been coaching life for over 14 years.

In his 20’s, Vaynerchuk started coaching sports such as golf and tennis. After a decade of coaching, his success in coaching began to rise.

Vaynerchuk says: “I didn’t want to be on the sidelines. I wanted to be coaching. If people aren’t getting the results they need, at least I can give them the means to change it.”

2. Phil Kessel – Life Coach

Phil Kessel has been teaching life advice since 2001.

At 24 years old, Phil Kessel launched his blog “To the Finest” in hopes to change the perception some people have towards life skills.

By developing an interactive website, Kessel claims to help thousands of people find their own success. However, this is not all of Phil Kessel. He has also written a bestselling children’s book titled “Trouble’s Little Helper.”

“I want people to know that you can do anything if you just put your mind to it,” he says.

3. Phil Leshman – Life Coach

Phil Leshman is a world-renowned life coach who has been teaching people how to live life forever since 1987.

From his first coaching gig at age 26, Phil Leshman has been helping people to become a better person since.

In 1988, after he had spent a decade as an NFL head coach, Phil Leshman was inspired to write his book “Get Out of Your Own Way”. Here he offers life advice based on his life experience.

Leshman says: “If you want to succeed, you don’t have to be perfect; just get your hands dirty and work hard. The secret to living and learning is to know what you don’t know and how to find the things you do know.”

4. Chris Paul – Life Coach

Chris Paul has built a successful career as a basketball, baseball and football player.

Since 1990, Phil Leshman has been coaching people to improve their

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