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This is something I’ve had to dig around in to. The fee varies depending on the situation but generally ranges from £2,000 – £3,000. The main factors are how long it will be and the level of coaching. Some might pay less than £1,200 and others might pay £2,000 and more. The fee can be negotiated and could potentially be waived if the player wants to come back to us.

How long will these sessions be?

As with many things in life, the answer depends largely on the client. Most are short (sometimes less than 10 minutes) and there will always be a chance of a player feeling under-appreciated. It will be in the client’s best interest to have these sessions.

What happens after the session?

Anytime after that it often becomes the player’s time to spend with management or training staff. Generally this is short and only takes about 20 minutes and can last for upwards of 15 seconds.

Are there any red lines in terms of intensity level?

Yes, they are the red lines. These will always be in place. If we feel that a player is developing the wrong way, we will always speak to them about why things are not progressing and to get them thinking. There should always be some discussion about the client working with us.

Will they be able to come in for a consultation?

Yes but be advised it is often a long conversation about ways to improve. If the client has questions about the session they can always ask for the consultation to be repeated but the same advice may not be available again.

Who will get the training and coaching?

It should be obvious that we will be working with our clients to develop their individual skills but that may not always be the case. We may be working alongside a medical or strength coach or coach an individual player or even coach a team of players together. These sessions can be very helpful to the wider football player. They give them information about their fitness level, how to improve, and what to do and don’t do to help them on and off the pitch. The fact that we are involved in these conversations also gives us an opportunity for more open and open-door working with our clients.

Will we train players who are injured?

This is not always possible and is not something we will usually say specifically – they might be more relaxed as they see us and are able to tell us more about their own

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