Is life coaching in demand? – Free Sample Life Coaching Business Plan

If you want advice that will deliver results, there is a big incentive at work behind the coaching industry. The more people who get advice like this, the more money it pays to offer advice.

“It is possible to be a billionaire and an online coach. If money is the motivation behind the online coaching industry there should be some serious questions,” says the professor.

For instance, what about the people who are really serious about making changes to improve their health, their lives or their fitness or their financial lives, and who want the help of a person to help them with this work.

These are the people who can afford to spend a lot of time on their coaching projects.

The reality

So the reality of online coaching may be that there’s just not that many people who are really serious about it. Many who actually will pay the fees don’t make very much of the money that they earn.

“Most people who pay money for online courses don’t make much of it,” says Professor Sade. “Most people are interested in the content of the courses and that is part of what they expect, but they don’t earn the money they are being asked to pay.”

Online coach’s take-home pay may be as little as 25% of the people who pay for the courses they offer.

“Most people who pay money for online courses don’t make much of it.”

These results came from a survey by the National Centre for Economics and Business Research.

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