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If you get in trouble and do not have a higher education, is it true that udemy accredited for students who are not accredited?

Yes (not in Europe)



If you have not gotten accreditation in your current country, are udemy accredited for students who are not accredited?

Yes – yes

No – no

If you are working and your employer refuses to pay udemy a fee after the school year is over, what happens if you don’t have money to pay the fee right away?

This is a good question, but I suggest you go to the website of your local school with information about what you may need to do to take care of this issue. There is some information about this on the udemy website.

Most of students go on to get accreditation in the country where they are studying. Some countries may require you to complete additional training.

To do a search on your area, check with your local state board if your state has an accredited school. Some states will provide you with free information about accreditations for private or parochial school. It’s good for you to know these details because sometimes you need to consult with the right person if you need to transfer your education to another country.

There is a good chance that an accreditation is already in place for you by your institution. Many, in fact, only allow you to use the program for students in their state which is the reason for most of the states with no or very limited accreditation.

Do the states have a system to monitor institutions that are not accredited?

The states also have an accreditation code that they are responsible to adhere to. The requirements for the code are laid out in the regulations, but you can find a complete list and guidelines here.

So, with that, I have to admit: I am a bit puzzled by the questions posed by udemy students. Most of them seem to think that not being accredited is not a big deal, but in general, it is an expensive and time-consuming process to get an accredited institution to register you and to take your application to the next level.

Udemy is not only a way to learn programming and get some experience, it also helps me to learn what’s going on in other places where I train and work. I am very glad that the program is open for all students, so this

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