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“The purpose of the mindset coach is to help a team in its mental approach to the game as a whole, without having to be the one who provides the specific information. You want to have teammates who, when asked, will always answer with a positive attitude. You want to be supportive, but you want to understand the mindset needs, and then help them bring out the best in their teammates.

“They have to understand that each player isn’t going to be completely happy if he takes a certain amount of shots. One guy will shoot more shots, and another guy will shoot fewer shots. One guy will take more shots for a long stretch, and the other guy will take fewer shots for a short stretch. The best thing the team has to do is try to use each player’s strengths and try to make them understand that they have to use what they’re good at.”

On developing a balanced approach

“You can’t just do a one-on-one, all-shoot, one-on-one approach to every individual. You have to mix things up in order to bring out the best in everybody. If the shot-blocking guy doesn’t block any more than is necessary, and the free-throws guy doesn’t convert on the same percentage as he does in the regular season, then that means his value is not as high.

“That’s what separates a good mentality coach from a good player.”

On the importance of team bonding

“I think when you’re a coach and you sit there and you give a speech and they have to stand up and sing some song in the locker room and stand up in a game and put their arms around you and say thank you, that’s not for one-on-one. That’s for teammates, that’s for teams.

“You can’t say ‘I want you to do it my way, and when you do it, we’ll applaud.’ You need everyone working in alignment.

“If you don’t have everyone working in alignment, you’re still working in coordination. Then it becomes a game of, ‘We have a game plan, we have the players, so what are you doing?’

“You need the players working together for their best work.”

On getting players to believe in the system and not the individual

“It’s more of a psychological impact than it is a physical one. If you ask those players they’ll go for the biggest shot they’ve ever

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