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We know a lot of the time, the problems that life coaches solve are usually the same problems that we have. There’s something else we’re trying to figure out about that person’s life. It’s the relationship to the outside world and the needs of people that are on the outside. Most of the time we’re trying to teach the person how to live a little more openly.”

“What’s the other thing?” the guy on the other end of the line asks.

“He’s just not understanding the world around him,” he says. “I’m being very, very candid. But there’s another thing I always mention: People don’t see the world as an arena. People see life through a glass darkly. They see other people and other things as things that can happen to them. It’s a place of darkness and darkness is a place people don’t want to go.”

“The other person I’m trying to help is a person who is not afraid to be uncomfortable and get into uncomfortable situations and find the strength to overcome difficulties. And you look at that person and say, “Who are you?” And then that person is looking in the glass darkly and seeing the world is a place of light and it’s really scary but it also helps you see life in a way that is not afraid.”


The other thing people usually ask is what does he think of the way things are going?

“I believe in change. And this is not going to be perfect, but the movement is making some changes and it would be great to see what happens,” he says. “Change is the key. But this is about people being able to feel more comfortable in their own bodies. Being comfortable in your own body is a huge step. It will take a year or two to see the results. But then we start to see results and people see in the glass, “Wow. That was just amazing. That’s me. That’s what it looks like.'”

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