What qualifies a life coach? – Free Life Coaching Business Plan Template

A person or persons, who are capable of providing a qualified life coach, and who will not charge a fee that is more than the price of a session (a practice session).

Are there any requirements? A qualified life coach, will have no requirement to be a member of any organization or of a particular club (unlike a chiropractor). In this case, the life coach would only need to know an average person or persons who are seeking to change their life style. This includes parents and teachers of children. A qualified life coach must provide information on how to change their lifestyle, such as the methods of exercise and diet. A qualified life coach cannot provide life coaching for clients under the age of 18, or children under 18. The person or persons are only able to receive “life coaching” if they have already taken life changing measures themselves, or have been through the treatment and are in an advanced stage of change. Life coaching can also be provided by a qualified family and friends.

Are there any limits on the “practice” of life coaching? A “per session” fee of $99.99 does not apply while you’re on the course with us. After the course is over and you sign an agreement, all payment is covered by your credit card.

Are there any types of life coaching? Any life coaching would be considered a “Life Coach” under the U.S. Constitution of the United States. You would be considered a life coach only if you are certified by the Association of Certified Life Coaches or the American Association of Athletic Trainers, or the American College of Chiropody. Your life coach may only be a “life coach” when you meet the criteria specified below, as a life coach.
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Do you receive compensation? Yes. We only accept life coaching for the participants who sign any agreements to participate in any of the activities below, in addition to our “included fee”.

How can I register for your course? When the enrollment period ends, you will receive an invitation to register. Log in to the site with the username and password you provided during the course registration or create your own username and password. You will need at most one e-mail address to get in touch with us and receive a link to your registration. If you did not provide a username and password during the course registration, you must register with your e-mail address after the enrollment period closes. Please do not use the same email address to register for your course again, or any other email

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