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A life coach can often be categorized as someone who helps people with mental or emotional problems or who teaches life skills for people in their daily lives, rather than as a person who offers the help of a mental health professional.

So does this mean that you should only look for a life coach when your symptoms are so severe or your problems have lasted for so long that you really don’t have time for a traditional doctor or therapist?

Actually, no. A great many people in these situations still benefit from more traditional health care, so if you’re a teenager or have family members with significant emotional or mental disorders, it’s possible to find a quality professional who can help you better manage these issues.

However, finding such a role can be difficult. A large number of life coaches charge by the hour, so they’ll be the one your parent asks about at your next appointment. Some may specialize in one thing like therapy or speech-language pathology or one thing only – you may need to make the call yourself. A lot of good-quality services won’t have much of a fee; others will offer discounts or packages that can help you budget.

Still, it’s possible to make a good list of services and find a good service for yourself. For instance, many of the experts I spoke with mentioned that a psychologist should be considered for teenagers with problems with their emotions. Psychologists are able to give them skills not related to the diagnosis of a clinical condition in addition to helping their parents and teachers with understanding and how to manage their symptoms.

Some psychologists also have expertise in areas such as grief; it’s possible to find a psychologist who can help you, even if you are a virgin. Other psychologists specialize in children’s behavior and development; for that reason, they’d be able to help you better manage your symptoms as well.

You may also find that other life coaches can help you with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, eating disorders that may interfere with school, etc.

Here are some resources you can look for:

As always, I encourage you to do your own research before you go to a professional.

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