What questions does a life coach ask? – Life Coach Business Names

It would seem that our questions aren’t designed to be answered in the simplest terms, so I have written below a list of things or people they ask when asked about a particular question. As it’s a general guide, it’s not meant to be the definitive ‘one correct answer’ for the entire question.

How long have you been doing this? How long have you been getting paid?

For example, if you are looking to start a new business, you’d probably be asked this as a question for your resume by a recruiter.

How many books have you read? How long has it taken you to achieve what you want to achieve?

If you have a passion for a particular field, perhaps you’d be asked this about that industry.

What is your biggest weakness? How did you overcome it?

This really has nothing to do with your current career, your career’s current challenges, or your current job, but rather with your weaknesses, weaknesses, weaknesses.

Have you tried everything else to overcome your weaknesses? Has it worked?!

This is probably a good time to mention that the answer to all these questions will ultimately depend on your own weaknesses, weaknesses, weaknesses, weaknesses, weaknesses and other relevant factors.

How did you learn to play guitar? What were your earliest lessons?

Is this question to learn the guitar or to have a hobby? And how long have you had it?

Are you a musician? Do you play the guitar? Do you play music? Has your passion for this hobby led you to your current profession? How long has it taken you to reach that goal? What do you hope to achieve from it?

How was your childhood? What were the most amazing things about it?

Have you had a lot of challenges, and how have they shaped your mindset? Was there any moment, event or situation that shaped your thinking and decision making?

Where will you live when you retire? How should you live that will best suit you? Will you rent or own?

Did you have much of a childhood?

Are you working a day job that brings in some income?

Is there an ongoing passion for something?

Will you work in a professional capacity that also includes teaching at a school? Have you ever been interested in teaching? Will you be teaching?

What do you find yourself doing? What do you enjoy about working with other people?


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