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As a coach, you can’t write your own ticket. Your client or a large organization wants to get involved with how you can help them. You need to give them what they want. You need to find clients who want to learn how to do things. Your job is to help them succeed by helping them understand your system so they can achieve their goals.

The best way to do that is to be an entrepreneur-in-residence and offer them a free year of coaching from you. The other way is to be a coach. Just remember: no coach (or coach’s fee) equals no real coaching.

Where can I start?

Here’s a free guide on how to find your first coach.

More than a Career Coach?

We are a non-profit and are not part of the coaching marketing industry. Our organization focuses on coaching youth and young adults. We offer a free 30-minute coaching session. Contact us for more information, or if you need help booking a 30-minute session.

I read and I think about all the times my friend, “J” (not her real name), told me a wonderful story that made me laugh heartily and cry with her on my birthday. “Honey, did you really cry?” she asked with a hint of disbelief. “I mean, of course I did,” I responded, blushing. “I got all teary-eyed and didn’t do anything to hide it. This happened to me a lot.”

J laughed and held me. “Are you telling the truth?” “Yes,” I said, trembling in her soft light voice. “I said when you were crying, I was crying too?” “Yes, that’s the truth,” she said calmly. She held me tighter. I felt that I was just becoming aware of what a wonderful person she was. At one point, I thought about how much she loved me, and how proud she was of her. So much that she gave this to me, saying, “You did this for me, and I’m so glad you did.”

But it was then that I understood that “J” had told me a story that she had heard so often that at that particular moment she wanted me to hear it too.

Recently, on a Sunday at church in the heart of the city of Los Angeles to be precise, I heard a sermon about some of the most vulnerable moments of my childhood. I wanted to cry with the

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