What kind of life coaches are there? – Free Life Coaching Business Plan Template

I don’t know.”

She sighed again.

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“They tell us life coaches will try to help us in any way they can, even going so far as to try to put us on the track that leads us to our goals. That makes us feel comfortable and at home.

“How do I know they will help me when I’m on the run? Well, I have to be honest and answer that question. They might try, but the truth is they probably won’t do anything to help me. They might help me move better or help me sleep better, but their whole life has been made up about me and not me. Everything I’ve ever seen or heard about life coaches was negative.

“Life coaches are only about you and how great they think you can be. They have zero interest in who I am and what good I have done in my life. They don’t believe that anyone in the world can do what you do, so they put nothing into a person that lives outside their world. It’s really pathetic.

“The worst thing is they try so hard to help you in your future and even though it’s hard to be a good person at a bad time, it’s harder still to be a good person in your present. It makes us look like fools. Everyone thinks about themselves or gets obsessed with what’s different in their life but it’s just the same thing every day.”

She then opened her mouth and let out a long sigh before closing it again.

“I just feel like we’re being looked at as failures. It’s like life coaches know everything about me but they don’t care. They’re there for us to be looked at as failures but there’s absolutely no proof. I don’t like to think about it too much because it’s too painful.”

Her voice was quiet and soft, but she sounded so sad and bitter. She had a tear rolling down her cheek, and it seemed that I could actually see her face when she said these things.

“I can be so miserable sometimes for no reason. I don’t like having people constantly trying to make me feel like a failure and they can’t say anything because I’m not doing anything wrong. It feels like nothing can happen to me because my mom is at my side when I need to find the strength to face my problem. I wish I could do that every day.”

She closed her eyes and began to cry again.

“I have a

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