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One of the most famous life coaches you’ve probably never heard of is Michael Janda, owner of Lifestyle Coach Worldwide and author of The Ultimate Guide to Better Living, Better Longevity. His book is available in a variety of eBook formats, including PDF, EPUB, MOBI, and HTML. In his latest book, The Art Of Low Maintenance Living, he addresses this question in greater detail.

On page 20 of THE ART OF LOW MAINTENANCE LIVING the author talks about how his “Life Coach” clients generate an additional income every month that’s more than the combined income of their spouses, or spouses of friends, co-workers, or children.

I’ve seen what that can do for families. I’ve even heard stories of the author himself turning down book deals solely so he could continue to pursue his passion of helping people do better in their lives. One client told an interviewer earlier this year, “Mr. Janda is a very strong advocate of the power of positive thinking. He’s just an inspiration for me.”

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On his website ( the author talks further about the benefits of having a life coach. He says it’s not just about making money, but really understanding the role that a life coach plays in life. His own blog post explains how he uses those benefits.

You’re just a person with ideas, and a passion to help people. That’s what motivates you. But in order to truly help a particular person, you need to have access to their whole body of knowledge and that involves a lot of learning.

The idea of an author sharing his thoughts with other people and allowing them to share their own has been an amazing experience for me. This is the kind of life that I want to live.

I’ve interviewed a lot of high-quality authors including Charles Duhigg and Jeff Greene. While many people think of authors as people who write or edit books, I consider them much more. I feel that their views are important and I hope that they continue to help people in their fields continue to share their ideas and learn more.

In this post you’ll read a small excerpt from the book and then read a full book review written by Jeff Greene!

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Jeff Greene was co-founder of Duhigg’s business and the author of The Ultimate Life Coaching Guide and The Art of Long-Term

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