What is graphite pencil made of? – Pencil Drawing Face For Beginners

Graphite pencils is made of a solid metal. The metal is usually graphite, a form of a naturally occurring compound of carbon and oxygen.

How important is graphite for handwriting?

Graphite pencils are commonly used to record information such as dates and times. By keeping a pencil in a pencil case, these are also stored as well.

Does graphite in pencils make it unusable for other purposes?

Yes. In a nutshell: the chemical reaction of graphite in pencils makes them unusable as a pen or as a pen holder.

What do you mean with “used as a pen”. I have bought both a fountain pen and a rollerball. The rollerball is made out of the metal and the fountain pen is not. Is there some sort of problem which I should address?

Fountain pens and rollerballs used for writing are usually not made of the metal; instead they will be made out of cellulose acetate plastic. This plastic makes them usable as pens. But in fact, only metal pens can be used as pens. And not only will not paper clip you back with the eraser, your pen will still be unusable. You need a paper clip or something similar!

There are two problems with the plastic/metal combination. The first is that pen ink will stick to the pen. So what you’re supposed to do is to clean up the ink with an alcohol. There is also the issue of it being hard to clean; you might have to use a little bit of water and a rag instead. And then you have the problem of it getting all messed up. And then you have the problem of all the chemicals in the pen not having anything else to do with it.

Why is it so hard to clean a pen?

This will depend on the kind of pen; the nib might be hard to clean but the rest of the pen should be easy. This is because the chemicals in these pens are not able to do their job so the pen will not write.

Can you put graphite pencils in an ink?

Unfortunately no. Graphite pencils are non-viscous and do not ink normally.

What about writing with metal objects?

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Metal is soft. And a soft metal is very soft. It is impossible for the steel of a pen to write and ink with it.

Why are the metal parts of pens made out of metal?

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