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Where is it headed?

[1] The story was written in 1994, but the details of the origins of the film seem to have been forgotten

2. That’s right, even in its present day. For instance, when I first saw the movie in 1994, I was 18. (Note to self, I need proof of age.)

3. The only question that remains: why didn’t The Secret Life of Pets take the title from the book? It’s not like it’s the first animated film of the book. We’ve had “Nanabot” (the first episode in the show is called Nanaboot), and “Cute and Cranky” (also in the series). So let’s just say that maybe the movie should have been called How to Play with Nanabots, not how to play with Pets.

How to create a web application in Laravel 4 with Express

For an introduction to using Express in Laravel 4, click here. If you are a Laravel 5 and above practitioner, you can read here what I consider essential to Laravel.

I have taken the opportunity to create a very simple, quick and light-weight application using Laravel. I have covered how to do things like the routing and authentication using Laravel routes and how to test your routes. The project includes:

Laravel configuration, including a configuration file

A small authentication system

An application user controller which routes to the controllers we want to use

An app index page

If you are new to Laravel, you may want to learn more about some of these modules before continuing:


You should read the Laravel Documentation first.


In this step we will make the application respond to a GET request to /hello-world . The routes in the application will be defined using the Express application framework.

We will also learn how to make our application HTTP GET, using the $routeProvider and the $http service.

Laravel routes

Our app will be running on the / route, where we will need to define the route names.

Let’s define route names that are “HTTP verbs”.

Let’s see how the default routes look like.

We don’t need to make any changes, everything will still work. You should find the route names in the routes.php file of the project.

The Express interface

We are

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