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Mick Jagger’s breakdancing is one of the most recognizable images in music history, and has spawned a vast community of fans, including Jagger’s longtime manager, Peter Buck, and current producer, Steve Van Zandt.)

And who was the author?

It was Bob Tisdale.

“It all started with a letter from Mick and his manager Peter,” former Rolling Stone associate editor Brian Paley says. “They said, ‘Can you send us to an art school?’ And I said, ‘What’s an art school?’ and they said, ‘Bob Tisdale.’ They thought it was an old letter or something, but I said, ‘No, you’re right about Bob Tisdale.'”

That’s it. It’s that simple. The rest was easy.

“It all started with a letter from Mick and his manager Peter”

It’s the same letter from a friend who once made a deal with a member of the Zodiac Group, an ancient secret society that dates all the way back to 18th-century California. This group was notorious for their violence and murder of fellow members. The letter was part of an offer.

The rest is what happened next. Jagger agreed to have the letter written in Tisdale’s voice. Mick would create his own version, which the group would then record in a studio nearby.

“It all started with a letter from Mick and his manager Peter”

And then it happened. In 1979, they released a single called One. “I don’t remember if we had any songs by this specific artist when we did it,” Tisdale says of the new hit.

It’s the same story every time – one of the biggest hits in music history.

What’s more, the song became so popular after Jagger was signed to Van Gogh Records that the label actually put him on an album at the end of the ’90s titled Back To Black.

The band continued to record songs for Tisdale, and even though the group released a new album in 2001 after Jagger left to pursue the music world, it came out in 2002, and was met with little success.

“At this point, it was just kind of like, okay, maybe this whole thing is wrong.”

But over the years, there’s one thing that’s happened again and again to this day: Tisdale’s band, The T

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