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The hips are the “arms” of your body. The upper body, especially the lower body, should move to the proper position. A proper position for hips can be achieved by changing the position of the hips and lower back.

The hip socket can be located in one of two locations if the lower back is too wide for the hip socket. The hip socket can either be at a narrow point (as in the picture below) or can be located slightly to the right (as in the picture below) of the spine or at a wider point, as in the picture below

When the lower back is too wide to accommodate the hip socket, the pelvis may be too inclined or the back may be too high (so the pelvis does not form a natural “V”), causing the pelvis to flatten and cause a “V” shape to the back which can cause pain.

If the pelvis is too inclined, the muscles of the back must be worked to force the pelvis to flatten out, which can cause a “V” in the back. When the pelvis is too high, the lower back does not need to be worked to force a “V” or even that the pelvis should be flattened out. If the pelvis is still too high, it would be too high for the pelvis to flatten completely. If the pelvis is still too high, it would force the lower back into a “V” shape in the back. The same problem will arise if the lower back is too wide.

To help resolve the pelvic alignment problem, consider performing exercises that are designed specifically to correct the pelvic alignment problem (e.g., hip thrusts, shoulder shrugs, etc.). However, please note that some exercises may be too specific for your personal anatomy and could pose risks to your spine or pelvis.

The hip socket is located either in the narrow, as in the picture below, or in the wide position (as in the picture below), depending on the position at which the pelvis is found in the center of your pelvic floor.

In the picture below, the pelvis is found to be narrow, as it is in the picture below, so the pelvis will be positioned at a narrow, narrow position in the pelvis, as in the lower back. If you can perform a shoulder shrug, for example, with the pelvis located at a narrow, narrow position, a pelvis tilt is more likely to cause the lower

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