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Tattoo tattoo is an art form, which has a long history. It is an art that dates back to the beginning of humankind in Mesopotamia. Tattoos have been in use on human skin as long as there has been pain. The earliest mention of tattoo is in the Chinese Book of Changes, which says, “A man may tattoo other men, women, and children.” However, tattooing as a concept was not very popular in Europe until the late 19th century. Some of the earliest reference of tattoo in Europe came from the “Nash and Doolittle Manifesto,” the newspaper of the American Liberty League, published in 1874. In the Manifesto, the founders wrote, “Tattooing has been the profession of a few unfortunate specimens…a man who has tattooed can be sure that he is a fool, though he may be a very successful artist,” and “This art has been practiced and has been in vogue, to the great benefit of our people, and the success of the art is no less remarkable because of the skill and talent of those who practice it.” In 1872, a black slave named W. A. Gist published the first book in the African American community which discussed tattooing. It was called Tattoos and Black Skin (1875). The black community then began to organize in groups that would create independent tattooists and then form associations to support the art and provide for local artists. The art of tattooing evolved from the black communities, and was introduced to the whites in the USA while still being in black communities. Black tattooers in America have often been referred to as “black tattooists.” Because of the association of black tattooism with the African American community and the black tradition, it is not surprising that the black tattooists are often stereotyped and stereotyped for not being as attractive to white people. Although it is believed that the black tattoo’s influence on the USA was minimal, it was much more substantial than what might be found under the surface in the other ethnic communities. Some of the first tattoos from black tattooists in the USA are seen below. Note: “A” shows “B” was tattooed by a black man.

The first American tattoo was of a black woman, in 1850.

The most popular type of white tattoos seen is those of Caucasian males that show no sign of the tattoo they are applying. White tattoo for white women is rare. There is one instance of an African American who obtained an American Indian

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