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The story of the dance itself has some interesting links to the history of the British Isles. The English dancer William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, has a scene in which a woman, called “Laurie, the Maid of Orleans” is asked to dance the “Bacalan”, or “Dance of Two Women” to symbolise the power that three women could exert over one man.

Although the music is different, the dance in modern terms is the same.

On May 1st 1900, three men, Arthur Conan Doyle, Ernest Rutherford and Charles Dickens were playing in the London Palladium. Dickens, who had not yet been born at that time (1901), was playing William Tell as well, a role he would also play in other productions. The “Dance of Two Women” is believed to have been invented by Arthur Conan Doyle, who first wrote the story in 1897.

The dancers in modern-day London are not Shakespeare’s “Laurie” but, rather, the famous “Catherine” from the original play, Madame Butterfly.

The ‘dance’ is played by women (who are in turn, called by the men “ladies”), then there is a brief interlude, followed by a man (called, in the modern-day world, “ladies men”) dancing in a circle. The dancers perform what we would call a “routine” of dances called “pumps”.

A typical dance has four movements: the pump, which is the first action, each part is performed for one or more of the dancers. At the end of the dance the man stands up again and returns to performing the same action. The final act of the dance is called the “dance of two women”.

The dancing usually started in a corner of the theater and continued towards the stage where the men were standing.

Dance of Two Women Dance

The dance of two women (or of three women who each perform four beats) is very beautiful and the best known of dance movements.

Dance of a Man in a Circle Dance

The performance of the Dancer of Two Women is in fact a traditional form of British popular music. The performance is called the “dance of two men, one woman dancing”.

In general, the “dance” can be divided into two parts: from the first to the second and then from the second to the third movement, which is a sequence of beats. Each of

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