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By creating a lot of space,” he continued. “And there is no shame to getting a tan. The key is to make sure that your muscles are loose and toned, and they are not tense. If your muscles aren’t loose and toned, you’re still going to have to work hard to be as flexible as possible, and you will get sore in the beginning. The trick is to make sure that the muscles are loose and toned, and they are not tense. If your muscles are tense, they will be unable to flex correctly, which will prevent you from gaining power or speed. You can actually take the time to get your muscles flexible, make sure that they are properly loose and toned, then work to maintain that tight, toned feeling throughout your workout.”

What are your thoughts on the idea of using “dance classes” to train for the Olympic lifts?

By John Tlumacki

The Obama administration has a simple answer to the question of why it is that, at this moment, American troops in Iraq are being attacked. It is “terrorism.”

That was the official explanation offered by the White House in April as a pretext for launching a new military campaign in Iraq to stop the advance of the “Islamic State” (ISIS/ISIL) – a militant group that has seized land from Iraq’s Baathist (formerly socialist) regime, and declared an Islamic caliphate on the ruins of a once-great civilization.

“If ISIS is really focused on overthrowing the regime, as it professed in its call for lone soldiers to wage guerrilla war against the coalition that is bombing it,” CNN reported, “then the best way to achieve that goal is by attacking the US and its allies in Iraq and Syria in order to weaken and ultimately destroy those forces.”

The New York Times described the US-led strikes as “unprecedented in their intensity,” adding that a “campaign of air strikes aimed at helping government forces, Kurds and Iraqi Shiites fight back against IS” has been launched along with a humanitarian mission to the “largest city, Mosul.”

It is the same story in Iraq.

“There’s been a big buildup of US military forces in Iraq for the last few months,” an unnamed Iraqi official told the Associated Press on Monday. “They’re very worried about ISIS and what happens if they attack.”

The Pentagon itself provided additional details about its war against ISIS in a statement to ABC, adding that the US military

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