Does Belly Dancing strengthen your core? – Belly Dancing Controversy

The answer may depend on your workout. While many belly dancers claim to strengthen the core muscles, Belly Dancing doesn’t necessarily result in a stronger core:

“This theory comes from the fact that I’ve been training Belly Dancing for a total of three years and there never seems to be any significant difference in the core.”

That said, there are some core benefits to belly dancing that can help you reach the ultimate level of body confidence. For starters, your core muscles have become more flexible in the belly dance:

“The only way to reach an absolute body pose in Belly Dancing is with a body roll or a backbend. It’s very easy to do. Your body will follow and you’ll get the effect.”

The best way to stretch your core muscles is to perform body rolls or “the backbend” (described in this video). If you’re a beginner belly dancer, you’re sure to love the Belly Dance:

The best part, the Belly Dance is great for all your core exercises too!

What do your belly dancers say about it?

“The only way to hit an absolute pose in belly dancing is with a backbend! It’s so simple and easy to do… Just keep your body right up in the air.” –Tori

“There’s a lot of bony growth so I think I’d rather just not do it, if this is all you’re doing.” –Nathan

“Tori’s advice can be summed up very easily: go back to bed and stay up as much as possible. There is nothing wrong with sticking to your morning routine.” –Mandy

“The best part about belly dancing is that I don’t spend as long in bed as I used to.” –Katie

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