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It helps to understand why it is so bad to lean out in favor of a more aesthetically pleasing figure. If you’re lean but having trouble losing weight, you may want to get off leaner and take a big leap and begin looking great in a bathing suit.

If you are looking for “more” and would like to look better or more youthful, you can choose to keep the weight off and avoid bulimia in general — even if it means you have less fat for your body (and for your face!). Instead of cutting out carbs, the solution should be finding ways to eat more to compensate for the weight loss and get to a certain weight loss target that will satisfy your hunger to not eat anything or gain weight.
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But we have been told that the “more” solution is the most harmful — it’s unhealthy and it will cause obesity (along with the other potential problems listed below). So, what we are seeing instead is that it is more about what we choose to do rather than the exact amount of food we eat.

If you find yourself struggling with bulimia, you are most likely still lean but you have become more “curvy.” You’ve simply moved from lean to fat and it can lead to an unhealthy and unrealistic relationship with your body. You have to stay lean in order to have a healthy body, and you have to have a healthy relationship to the body you already have.

If you are not skinny and looking to “be sexy,” you need to take action, not look for more to lose.

But is it possible to stay lean without eating so much? Are you in the process of gaining weight?

Yes, yes it is! I am fat, not skinny. I have weight gain because I eat more calories than I burn. If a diet of only 500 to 600 calories per day allows you to eat as much as normal, then yes, you are probably gaining weight. If your goal is to get to a certain weight, and you find there is no way around it, you can increase your calorie intake further if there is something else you can do that keeps you trim and healthy.

But you should be careful, because sometimes weight gain is not caused by eating less — it’s the result of eating too much. To get a better idea of this, here are some things to keep in mind.

1. Try to eat healthy and minimize the amount of fat you eat.

2. When you eat,

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