What is the dance called when you move your feet? – Best Arabic Belly Dance Music Free Download

The dance of the human foot is called the double-tapping, or foot-tapping, foot dance. It is a simple dance that a baby dance partner can learn easily.

You will find lots and lots of tips on the internet on how to dance a double-tap foot dance, but I want to show you the steps for a simple double-tap foot dance so that you will get it when you need it.

It doesn’t matter how old you are. A baby has to be able to dance both feet at the same time. You have to start early, if you want to learn this one.

I like to teach it to babies with only one arm, but you can use both hands. We use our right and left hands to help control our baby!

How much do you have to move on your feet?

If you move your whole body on your toes, foot tapping will not look as graceful as if you had to move your whole body on both foot. A baby’s weight should not cause a baby to tilt their body back or down.

Can you tap once on your heel?

Yes, tap your heel, then follow up with a foot stamp!

What part of the body is up first?

The part closest to your partner’s leg. For the baby, that’s usually the top half of their body (right side of head and feet) or the left side (left side of head and foot).

Then how much do you move?

When the baby reaches their maximum height during the “step dance” this should include a little bit more than their height. This is usually done after about 30 – 45 seconds of tap.

How can you dance around your partner’s leg(s)?

A baby’s entire body should be on the top side of the hip, and they should be able to touch the ground with their bottom leg (from the other side of the partner), and with both arms.

How will you change your dance?

It doesn’t really matter what you change your dance up or down. It is still the same foot-tapping foot dance, but now it has been modified to allow one body side to touch one other side (a “toe turn”). Some baby dances take advantage of this and others don’t.

Is it useful for babies to dance two feet at the same time?

The dancing should be easy for the infant’s hand

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