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A burning belly fat problem is a fat that is burning too much energy, which leads to a lack of energy needed to function properly. The cause is a lack of adequate body fat.

Wasting more energy than you need, this can happen when your body fat levels are very low, or the right body fat is missing. Fat stores can be more quickly lost by burning the leanest body fat.

“I like my job enough to take a lot of pay cuts,” said Brian Ose, president of the UPI/CVoter forecasting firm. He has been the chief executive of the company for 23 years and is known for taking big pay cuts and sticking to long term plans.

The United States has a small pool of people making more than $125,000 a year. To qualify, one must be employed in an industry that has at least 400 members.

As of May 26, there were just three in that industry: Microsoft, Google and Oracle, according to the Census Bureau. The median salary among that class was $108,600, and there were no members of any other industry with a salary of more than $200,000.

One reason for the shortage may be that employers were encouraged to downsize their workforces to save money. The average number of people with part-time jobs who would otherwise work full time was down to 34.5% in March from 39% in January of 2015, the most recent year for which statistics were available by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

SALEM — A former state judge had a hand in sending about 10 inmates to the notorious Oregon State Penitentiary in Corvallis for years without adequate drug courts and often at higher prices than the state gets in most other states, prosecutors claim.

A hearing was scheduled Tuesday to determine whether John A. Jones II, 70, violated the civil rights of about 40 inmates at the state prison. But state officials in Salem on Wednesday declined comment beyond the initial news release announcing the charges.

Jones, a prominent Democrat who presided over Salem’s criminal court, was sentenced Nov. 8 to 30 months in a federal prison for mail fraud and for falsifying his job application to get a federal job. He also was convicted of accepting a bribe and other crimes in Salem.

Prosecutors charged in his case that he illegally billed the state for the benefits of inmates at the state prison, with money going to an attorney who worked in Jones’s office. Jones also allowed a lawyer from

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