How do I learn a dance routine? – Egyptian Belly Dancing Youtube

For those who are new to dance, there are plenty of websites you can use to learn a choreographic dance. There are a lot of dance studios offering free lesson videos that will show you step by step how to move. When I attended dance practice in college, I used to see a lot of teachers who were teaching the choreography. I found I just couldn’t make progress; at some point the videos became boring, and I wanted something new so that I could start learning the choreography. In those days, I mostly used YouTube and got the choreography videos at KipJi, which is the closest to where I live.

If you are looking for something with a little more artistry, you can use the videos of professional dancers. These videos are more detailed and will help you understand the intricacies. Also, if you have a video camera and you can find a teacher that can film you at a dance practice to show you exactly how the motion looks, you can improve. If you want to learn and enjoy dancing a choreography, a video is a good resource.

Do you have other resources for learning dance? How do you use them?

It’s important to consider the different styles of dance, and that doesn’t mean you only have to learn one style. This has really helped me learn to dance; I started off with Waltz and Jazz. I started adding more and more dances until the end of junior high school (before I dropped out).

For me, the most important resource is DanceWorks, which was really important at that stage, as I started having lots of fun. There are great videos that I found from those who had mastered a style like Pop, Balboa and Classical Swing.

What if a partner can’t keep up, how will I keep practicing?

Most dance partners who have trouble keeping up will just be able to dance their partner more. If you are not able to keep up with the partner, it’s very important to let your partners get used to trying to do dance with you (as long as they are paying attention), and eventually they will be able to keep up.

What do you like about learning dance?

Every time I go back to dance practice, I will find something new to try. It’s great to be in class as a beginner, seeing a dancer, and being able to share dance with other dancers.

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