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“Hail To The King” is one of the most famous songs in the world, but the word dance was only heard in New Bedford, England, in 1886. But if you listen to the sound of a flute or a saxophone, you hear it in hundreds of other places. In many cases it’s the music that tells you where they are. If you look at the music of the French town of Roussillon, Switzerland you’ll hear it there again in all of the major languages: French, German, Italian, Dutch, and English.

In New Hampshire, people of all ages and faiths come here for the sun and the weather. In a state whose citizens are known for their good nature, and who have a reputation for the best public libraries in the world, it’s no wonder that when one of these communities needed new facilities, it sought the help of the public. Here, the public has done that. One day the town of New Bedford requested a city council decision as to whether or not it should build a school gymnasium on a new site adjacent to the existing gymnasium. In the final minutes of a closed city council meeting, New Bedford’s mayor John Houghton Jr. asked: “If we want to keep the gymnasium to ourselves, why don’t we make some of the most impressive and beautiful gymnasiums in Massachusetts public?” And so, the New England Society for the Protection of Freedom of Expression was founded to make sure that the town can do what it believes is in the best interests of its children.

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In the summer of 2011, the American Heritage Dictionary-Second Edition revealed the fact that New Englanders have a special affection for words like “breakdancing,” “dancing,” and “saxophone.” “The word ‘beadgazey'” is what the new, official definition of “Breakdancing” calls you. We can now only imagine what the meaning of “saxophone” would be at a time before the invention of the phonograph in 1902.

It’s been said too many times that there are three branches of government in New England: government, commerce, and the people.

And then there’s “Dancing.” The word may be in its native form, dance. But you can also think of it in the original sense: dance for entertainment or pleasure, such as for a dance-off. The most celebrated dance is known as the “Troubadour,” after the French dance

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