Is Waacking hip hop? – Belly Dancing Workout For Beginners

I think it’s a thing. The idea to bring a hip hop culture to a very serious subject in a documentary is fantastic. It will just remind people in a way that is funny, it will just be there, but it’s not the way that it would have been if we weren’t doing it. It’s a big film that we’ve got a couple of months before we want to do a festival. It’ll be very tight.

Can you talk a bit about your music? I love your music, and I think some of the music’s really brilliant, really innovative. You’ve been doing this for so long: you just released a new one; one of my favourite tracks is a lot of fun, and I’ve had that in my head, you can hear it.

Yeah, really. I’m not a lot into hip-hop music; it’s not a genre I’ve really got any interest in. It’s like I don’t really like the music I hear. Not at all. I’ve always said that “Gorillaz” is a very interesting and interesting time in music, that music is now very difficult to make, but it was made by a bunch of really smart musicians. I suppose that’s a different way of looking at it. I’m not a really big fan of music of any kind. I like dance music – that’s fun, it has that – I do like my own music – it’s not bad, it’s a lot of fun. It’s a lot of different things. People just make things on their own, but there’s nothing really that I love as much as my music. I enjoy making music, it would be really strange if I wasn’t.

Your new film is called “Hippo Flow” which is basically this idea of making a documentary about hip hop as it has evolved in recent years. That’s such an interesting subject, where did this idea start?

Well, I just thought that “Hippo Flow” is an interesting project. It’s something that was kind of hinted at. I wanted to make the music documentary for a long time because I would have loved to do it, and I just realised in a way that I never would. I wasn’t quite sure if that could be a documentary at the time, because I’m really not a fan of documentaries. What makes documentaries interesting is that you end up talking about things that are really important and real things. I’m not an advocate of documentaries – they

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