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A student of dance can learn to dance at home.

The dance instructor is the person who can teach the student the basics of a move. However, the instructor needs to have a special ability.

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Vvardenfell is the land of the Nords. Unlike Tamriel, the Nords are one of the largest humanoids on Tamriel, and their lands are home to many races – the Yokudans, the Nords of Cyrodiil, the Highlanders, the Argonians, the Vampires of Bretony, the Orcs of the Colovian Highlands, and the Imperials.

In the beginning of the era, the Nibenay Reach was the largest area of the Nords and they began to settle in Morrowind from the early period, along with the Elves from Cyrodiil. As the Third Era developed, the Nords moved eastwards into the Summerset Isles, and formed new settlements around the cities of Yokuda and Vivec. Their new settlements were settled by the Chimer which eventually began the process of settlement, which was known as the Nibenay-Vvardenfell War.

Although the Nords are generally seen within history as an enemy by the other humanoid races, their land and culture have been greatly admired by the other races throughout the ages.

Nomenclature [ edit ]

Nords are sometimes referred to as ‘Yoku’ in the Imperial language, but these terms have almost invariably been changed over time. The most likely explanation, however, is for Nords to be called ‘Vvardenfell’ to differentiate them from ‘Morrowind’.

History [ edit ]

Early history [ edit ]

Main Locations [ edit ]

Outsiders [ edit ]

Other [ edit ]

The Nords of Narsis in 3E 0

The Khajiit in 2E 582

The Argonians in 2E 581

The Vampires of the Colovian Highlands in 2E 560

The Argonians and Thalmor in Morrowind in 2E 581

The Dwemer in 2E 578

The Bretons in 3E 1

The Khajiit in 3E 517

Notes [ edit ]

Most NPCs in the

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