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Dancing classes are run by certified instructors who teach each class individually. This ensures that each student will have the opportunity to learn the dance step by step, not to have to have an instructor or a dance partner with them. Additionally, these classes meet your physical limitations, which means you can have the dance taken to an advanced level without disrupting you.

As a result, there is not a single class at The Shambhala that is too difficult or expensive to attend. In fact, some even require you to be in physical health and well enough to do a number of the dances.

You can always find a class with the instructor’s own dance step videos to study, and this is the way to learn any dance, so you can develop the skills to dance a step or two.

We offer a wide range of dance skills and styles, from modern dance to reggae, ballet, and more. There are classes available for all levels, from very beginner beginner dances to advanced level dancers, from beginners to advanced.
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For example, we have the following dance steps for beginner

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Our instructors are also willing to attend with you after classes for small group lessons and private practice. Just contact one of our instructors today for details on our private private lessons.

What do I need to dress up as in order to learn a dance?

Dressing up to learn a dance is as easy as getting into a class and getting your clothes on. It is our commitment to help you and give you the opportunity to dance while feeling great! Once again, we do not charge extra for anything other than our regular rates as the cost of the dance lessons is covered by private dance lessons.

You may wear your dance shoes, hat, head scarf, accessories as long as they may be worn with your dress clothes. If no accessories are required, dress your whole body up!

What is the difference between a beginner and advanced level dance class?

At The Shambhala, we offer a dance step based on level. The intermediate (6-8) level, consists of 2 dancing steps that are performed in a number 3 place, with each step moving through a number 1 place. This level is not a single step, it is a 2-step dance with each step moving through an additional and unique spot and then back into a position that is completely different.


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