How do you move your hips like a belly dancer? – Belly Dancing Music Egyptian

Here we are: you’re a female, you put your back on the ground, and you walk in a circular pattern, moving only in one direction. How else can we describe what we’re trying to do?

I like to ask my girlfriends to help me with this. If they feel something, they will look at their foot and go, “Well, what’s that?” At this point they are like “OK, I get it.” But if they see “that’s not a foot,” then they are thinking, “Holy shit, what is that? It’s a foot!” It sounds crazy, but it’s true.

When the female is sitting down, you have to do a series of steps that will make your hips move in one direction while keeping your legs straight. We do it with our own legs, too, and most people aren’t aware of this part.

Now, you’re moving one arm through the door at first.

This one is easy. Stand the correct way with both arms straight, and you’re in “one direction,” i.e. moving one leg to the side, while your other leg stays in line with your trunk. This is a good example of sticking your foot into the ground.

Another important part about putting your foot in the ground: when you’re in one of those “one direction” motions, don’t get comfortable. You want to move your hips, not just stay in one place, like when you’re walking. You need some discomfort and you need to start feeling as if your hip joints aren’t working as hard as you thought they were.

Once you move your hips, you turn around, facing the door. You have to look at your foot, but if you see a foot that looks straight, like a ball, you have to move your leg more towards the middle rather than around to the side.

Step 7: Go back to step No. 2.

You have been walking through the door and, when you turn around again, you’ve moved your hips forward and your trunk in a different direction. Step No 3 (in the middle of the door) is the same as your No. 2, only instead of walking around a circle, you are pivoting your body while turning. Once you do a complete pivoting 180, your hips get back into one direction, while your core stays in a 90-degree stance — like a belly dancer.

Step 8: When you’re done

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