How can I reduce my belly and hip size? – Shakira Belly Dancing Videos Dailymotion

Your doctor will use a small, customized procedure to create a “skin fold” in your stomach that reduces the size and shape of your belly. The doctor will then help you stretch and shape your chest muscles and shape your abdomen, with help from medication or surgery if needed. Read our guide on ways to lower your belly

Can I gain weight after I try to lose weight?

The most common side effect of obesity surgery is a decrease in body weight, which is called “metabolic syndrome.” This condition can occur after surgery to correct obesity, but often can be avoided. It helps to exercise regularly, eat enough, and control how much you eat. However, if you are already obese, the surgery can cause weight gain, which can be extremely difficult to reverse.

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When it comes to the game console, Nintendo has been working on several different projects in the meantime. With its latest device being the NES Classic Mini, it’s getting all of the pieces in place for what could be one of the most interesting gaming consoles ever created.

First we’ve learned that the company is working on a Virtual Console that would allow fans to play older NES games on a variety of platforms including Nintendo 64, PlayStation 2, and Wii U. There are very few details about what that Virtual Console will essentially be all that you’ll get, but we hear that the company wants to include more than just NES games.


With all of these devices in the works, it can’t hurt to finally get our hands on a prototype, right? We’ll have to wait to see how Nintendo handles this one, but for now, enjoy this teaser trailer for the NES Classic Mini for an idea of what else

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