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A recent study found that women’s high heels have a strong association with obesity.

How old is the tallest person in a photo?

The tallest person in a photo, as measured by the National Geodetic Survey of the United States and Canada as part of the 2015 census, was 19 years and five months old.

How much do all men and women weigh?

When the 2016 Census was taken, men and women were roughly the same height. That has been true for decades.

If you walked from California to Florida this month, how fast would you move?

Americans who reported walking the highest average speeds, such as those who said they walked at 50 mph or faster, were also those with the least body fat.

What was the speediest you walked when you were younger?

When the 2016 Census was taken, 17 percent of Americans aged 10-17 made an average of at least 20 mph while walking. That number is the same as the previous census, recorded in 2010.

How much do all Americans weigh?

People aged 25-54 may weigh as much as 500 pounds, the 2016 Census showed. That means people age 18-26 may weigh more than 400 pounds.

What was the longest distance you traveled in a car?

The highest average speed driven by a car was 25.4 mph, measured during January and February of 2017. That’s 1 mph faster than the average speed driven by a car in 2017 measured as of April 30. To see the average speed driven for the past decade, simply click here.

What is the average speed you drove from California to Nevada last month?

In Nevada, where I went, average speed was 33.8 mph.

That means Nevada drove the fastest. I drove 30 mph faster.

How many people are in prison in the United States today?

The 2016 Census showed that 1 percent of Americans aged 12 and over are currently incarcerated. That’s about 11 million people.

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What is the most common job?

The job of most people is construction.

What is the most common job that Americans choose when they are young?

Almost 90 percent of people surveyed said they go to college – a statistic that is similar to the 2012 Census for the same age group.

What was the highest degree that people had in 2016?

The best education earned in 2016 were high school graduates, who earned more than $26

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