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You can burn up to 10 000 calories with a single twerk; however, if you dance around like a twerking whore, your body fat will go straight to hell and you will not be able to perform. This is also because they are constantly shifting body parts in-between twerking and dancing which does not reduce the total number of calories burned. You would have to perform a twerk every 20 seconds to burn 10 000 calories. So, if you danced with a twerk, you would have to do it at least once a day to burn 10 000 calories.

So a person can perform twerking and a few times a day, but when they are on holiday in the Bahamas or Europe, he has to twerk 3-4 times a day for 8 hours a day, 7 days a week for 12 weeks. This would cause him to lose around 15 kg of body fat. He would have to be in the US with a size 34 jeans, and if he got his twerk at 8 p.m., he would lose more than 50 kg of mass! His body would be a different shape and weight than it is right now.

What is the average man’s fat weight?

The average man’s weight depends on many factors such as height, body composition, muscle mass, muscular strength, body fat percentage etc. Therefore, I can’t give you an exact figure since it depends on all of the factors, but if you are between 180 and 180.5 cm/5.7 to 6.6 feet in height, then, at most, you will be between 60-72 kg of lean body mass. If you are 180cm/6 feet in height, and weigh around 130 kg, you will probably be in the US 120 kg of lean body mass! So, if your height is 190cm/6 feet in, let�s assume you have a 5 feet 7 inch body. This means that you are 175 cm/5.7 feet, weight 130kg, and you are 190cm/6 feet. That is your fat weight.

Your body fat can be broken up into three categories: body fat, trunk fat, and thigh fat. Body fat can be broken up into three categories: body fat, trunk fat, and thigh fat.

How much body fat does a male weigh when he is standing up?

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A woman on average would weigh 20 kg of body fat when she was standing up.

So if a man weighs

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