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Hip hop dance style is dance style that is specific to the hip hop culture, and specifically that of New York City. While most modern dance styles are influenced by classical styles that influenced dance music across the world, hip hop dance style is the ultimate “anything goes” style of dance. The basic structure is to use a wide variety of different dancing and music styles, and try your hardest to have the best, most colorful and exciting live performances possible and you will always make the most of every second of the show.

Hip Hop Dance Style History

The term hip hop dance style originally applied to the hip hop style of dance. Although dance had been practiced for centuries, hip hop had yet to come into being. The culture then started to blend with dance music, and there are many hip hop dance styles today! Hip hop was formed in NYC around the early 1990’s with the creation of the Hip Hop Style Crew which had the members working side stage.

Hip hop dance style has come a long way since you can find it today! This type of hip hop dance style was created long before the internet and computers, and is more of a natural progression of dance music. People of different ages and genders who enjoy music, dance, dance style ,and dance style for the fun, energy, and fun.

Some hip hop dance styles like The Outlawz can be seen in modern dance music as a natural result of the internet. It can also be seen in some contemporary pop dance music such as Zedd, Ellie Goulding, and many others. This is a natural progression of dance music, as it has evolved with dance music into more of a hip hop dance style. With today’s technology and availability to perform in music venues, there are many more people in the area having access to perform the art form that is hip hop.

Hip Hop Dance Styles

There are different types of hip hop dancing styles that are recognized as hip hop style and they all have different dancing styles and methods. In general, hip hop dance style tends to come down to a very broad palette comprised of a number of different styles that are different and unique to each of our styles. Some styles have distinct styles and dances, some styles have a style, and others can be confused!

Below is a list of some of the most popular, and varied types and styles, including some of the styles that have been known as “hip hop style” for most of their existence! You can see a

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