Is belly dancing difficult to learn? – Ghawazee

-No, belly dance is difficult in terms of learning choreography and movements, it can be very frustrating for new dancers. Some beginners prefer performing in a simple but elegant style of dance instead.

Can belly dancing be taught?

-Yes. Most beginner belly dancers can be taught how to move along with a simple dance, the body does not have to be ‘broken’ into smaller parts during practice. You should have your dance routine down and ready in front of you, just like if you took your class in class, without the class taking more than a 30 minute period.

Can I practice belly dancing during classes in class?

-The instructor will have a small amount of time that you need to practice to get into the rhythm of the class, after this period of time the class will not be taught again. However, this time is needed to make sure you are practicing in the correct manner. During yoga class a teacher will always take some time to speak with students as well as giving encouragement during the class. This can include showing some movement, or even playing with other students’ bodies.

Can I practice belly dancing during class in class?

-No, belly dancing while attending a yoga class will not be included as part of the class routine. If you would like to practice belly dancing during class but are not taking an hour or more to do so, please contact the instructor to make sure that it can be discussed with the instructor.

When and where can I practice belly dancing?

-The instructor will have available a variety of places to practise in class like: private rooms at local cafes or restaurants, or in a public space (e.g. parks, shopping centres, train stations). This will allow you to practice in a fun environment with a friendly instructor.

When and where can I buy belly dancing instruction?

-When and where you are able to purchase instruction from one of our members is not known at this time. When and where you are able to purchase instruction, depending on the person and location of your purchase, the price can range from 0 (none) up to 6 (a monthly fee) per class. The instructor will notify the member that you are ready to purchase instruction if you are ready to commence instruction. Once you have purchased instruction, you can request to be notified when classes start. There are no guarantees that an instructor will be available to assist you or make adjustments to your class before it has begun, but it is an

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