How do you move your hips like a belly dancer? – Professional Belly Dancers

In a belly dancer’s hips, you move the pelvis or thighs forward towards your hips as you twist in the air to turn the body. When we do this motion in the house with our hips, we keep the entire body at the same height. With the hands, we don’t need to lift the hips so high since the hands are pointing out. And finally, when we do this belly dance with legs, we don’t use the legs as a support.

As you can see, the movements described above are basic to belly dancers. What we are doing now is using that foundation to create movement that is also fun.

Let’s make it easier

Now, you can create a second form. We’re taking these two poses from the belly dancer’s form and adding a slight twist in the hips as a fun way to start.

You’ll start with these two movements. First, get your hands outside your hips. As you bend the arms and turn your body, place your hands slightly apart so there is a little more space between your fingers and the wall or ground.

Start by bending both hips with your hips to the right. Keep your right knee and your hand outside your hips. Try to keep the legs as close to your body as a dancer can while still keeping the hips pointing towards the sky.

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You should feel little pressure in your groin and your right hip should bend down slightly.

Take a deep breath. Hold this breath for 1-2 seconds, or until your belly moves. You need to feel the slight curve in the hips as you’re creating the movement. Don’t force it to move.

As you let go of your breath, place your right hand inside your hip and bend down until your hand is outside your hip. While holding your hand outside, bend your left knee until your hand is inside your hip. Don’t bring your hips closer together.

Once you feel this moment, bring your hips closer together again and bend down again until your knee is inside your hip. This is a little bit harder than the first iteration. The movement takes a little bit longer and we need to be really careful not to push it either.

When you feel this time, bring your hips closer together again and then move the leg out to the sides. While keeping your knee at the same hip, bend down until your hand is inside your hip again.

Move slowly out to the sides. You want to give your leg extra space for

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