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Can I become a life coach?

Yes! You need a basic understanding of how to manage your money, a willingness to learn new skills, and some extra motivation.

If you are interested in a life coach to help you with your finances, and you are ready to get started, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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What makes a good designer? And what would have made it? It’s easy to blame bad design habits of the past for a number of design failings. But it turns out that the reason is more subtle than that. Design isn’t all about what we put in front of a user. It’s about taking advantage of a design paradigm that has evolved naturally over time.

Think of it like an evolution. A new design paradigm emerges over the course of several decades. But the thing is, it’s a gradual process. It doesn’t happen one day and suddenly disappear when you turn your brain off. Design always develops over time and becomes a way of thinking, rather than a one-off.

One of the more recent examples of design evolution is the rise of mobile design over the last decade. Mobile is now the most dominant operating system in the world, and is expected to dominate in the next few years as well. There’s clearly a compelling reason why people are switching from desktop to mobile apps on that platform. But what we’re not really talking about is the evolution of the UX of mobile apps. The question is, ‘what makes a good one?’

It turns out there are a number of factors at play here. First and foremost, mobile apps are made by humans. They’re designed and made as humans would. They’re not optimized for performance or battery life, they’re designed for interaction, and they’re usually optimized for comfort — for those are the primary characteristics that most users of mobile apps are most interested in seeing.

The more people who will play with mobile apps and use them to do many of their daily tasks, the more people will have access to and use them. The more people who will use them, and the more they’ll do with them, the more valuable they become. That means they’ll become more widely used, and thus the better their design becomes.

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